Biocide Efficacy Tests

     European Standard

The Biocidal Product Regulation (BPR) 528/2012 covers the European regulation related to biocidal products marketing and use in Europe. EN 14885 stipulates an overview of the European standards (or more specifically, laboratory test methods) followed by manufacturer’s, customers and regulatory authorities to support the claims for microbicidal activity of chemical disinfectants and antiseptics. EN 14885 set out test procedures and licensing requirements of products used in all essential areas. Standards in EN 14885 also regulate the disinfectant efficacy test. The European authorities consider two specific tests for disinfectants and antiseptics:
Quantitative suspension test of phase 2, step 1; for e.g., BS EN 1276:2019 (bactericidal test), BS EN 1650:2019 (fungicidal test).
Quantitative microorganism carrier test of phase 2, step 2; for e.g., BS EN 13697:2015+A12019      (bactericidal or fungicidal)

Standards used in RWL for disinfectant ​efficacy testing applicable in medical, Food, Industrial, Domestic and Institutional Area and veterinary are shown below:      


  Standards for Disinfectant Efficacy Testing